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Rfid Wallets

Wallets can be hacked too. Most probably your wallet already has some rfid cards as all new credit and debit cards have integrated wireless payment option. This way you only sweep your wallet across rfid reader and payment is made. No numbers or verification needed. The only problem with this emerging technology is, that this information can be stolen. If your wallet is not rfid secure than all your data can be read with the right equipment. Therefore making you a potential future victim of identity theft.

How Rfid Wallets Work?

Rfid wallets have integrated a special material that blocks electromagnetic waves being transmitted to read rfid chips. While there are many different radio waves only selected ones are used to read RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification tags.  Probably you already use some sort of rfid card to open doors in hotel rooms, have access to your office and to pay at cashier. All this rfid cards contain information about you, your social security number, your credit card number sometimes even more sensitive information. Rfid wallets work in protecting all this information from being accessed from outside. When someone tries to read rfid card, rfid wallets blocks radio frequency due to its integrated middle layer of protection.

What Rfid Wallets Really Work?

Since we are not living in a perfect world, we can buy wallets that seem to have rfid protection but they don’t. That is why you need to research a little bit more what you are actually buying. Here the most helpful thing are customer reviews. Read thru the reviews and see if your new wallet has been tested already by an end user.
Finally, if you decide to test rfid wallets yourself, to see if they really work, know that there are 2 main spectrums where rfid tags operate. They are:

  1. LF RFID Tags operating from 30KHz to 300 KHz.
    Mainly used for proximity and access cards.
  2. HF RFID Tags operating from 3 to 30 MHz.
    It is commonly used for payments, tickets and data transfer.

So your RFID reader should be reading HF Rfid tags.

If you are not up to research yourself and want to buy a tested wallet, let’s look at your best options.

Best Rfid Wallets in 2016

You can choose between many models of rfid wallets and good chances are, that you will find one that is similar to your current wallet. There are many features to choose from therefore making it hard to decide what is best. Most of all, stay with what you need while adding only a limited number of features to your next wallet. Seems like a hard task, so read on to see what are our favourites this year.

Secret RFID Protected Wallets

Secret Rfid Wallet

Secret Rfid Wallet

Simple and elegant, classic wallet with rfid protection. This is the safest wallet you can find. Small enough for front pocket and large enough for all the cash and credit cards. When carried in back pocket it was not too big, so you can actually sit on it.
We tested it and we loved it!
Here is why:

  • It has 8 credit card pockets which is enough for all cards.
  • No ID window makes it extra safe.
  • Two large bill compartments so all the cash and bills can be divided.
  • Hidden pockets for extra safety.
  • Made from genuine napa leather making it really smooth and durable.

Final words and verdict

Finally, a wallet that has all you need. It is elegant and secure making it appropriate for business and personal use. The fact that ID window was removed makes it the safest wallet because only when you take out your credit card or ID card, only then it can be read.

Alpine Swiss RFID Protected Wallets

Alpine Swiss Rfid Wallet

Alpine Swiss Rfid Wallet

Another one of our favourites, well made and thought out. Bi fold wallet large enough for anybody.  You will love it, if you are used to show your ID card by flipping it out of your wallet. Although this makes it less secure too.
It features:

  • 10 credit card slots for all the cards you need to carry with you.
  • Flip ID window to show your ID card instantly.
  • One full size bill compartment to hold your cash and receipts.
  • Two additional oversized slots for extra cards.
  • Genuine leather for durability.

Final words and verdict

Great looking wallet with flip out ID window. Best for people that carry all their credit cards in their wallets. Well made to last for years. In conclusion made it to second best.

Aonal RFID Protected Wallets

Aonal Rfid Wallet

Aonal Rfid Wallet

The smallest of bi fold rfid wallets especially relevant for minimalist users. Also has flip ID window therefore a bit less secure.
Aonal wallet features:

  • Six card slots for all necessary credit cards.
  • Flip up ID window to show your ID card
  • One large bill section to hold the cash and receipts
  • Small enough to fit in front pocket
  • Made from geniune leather for durability

Final words and verdict

Small bi fold wallet for zen minded people. Secure in its design with only security flaw in it’s flip up ID window. Fits well in front pocket. Same features as other rfid wallets while being elegantly small.

Protectif Rfid Blocking Slim Wallet

This small wallet will surprise you with its functionality. It has 3 card slots on the front and 1 ID card on the back. You can put your drivers license there too. Small to fit in any front pocket and big enough to carry what you need. It is an essential front pocket wallet.

Protectif Front Pocket Wallet features:

  • RFID protection
  • 3 front card pockets, 1 on the back
  • Zippered pouch for notes, cash and coins

This is the best wallet if you go travelling for a few days. It will hold all the things and money you need. You can’t fail with this one!

Also check other deals on Amazon.com. You might find a bargain!
When travelling make sure you use Rfid Passport Protected Wallet.